Minamoto MN31009

Minamoto MN31009

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MINAMOTO: THE ORIGINAL. FOR ORIGINALS. Translated into English, Minamoto means "origin". And that is exactly what the brand stands for. 

Abae, a place in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, is not only the origin of Minamoto, but also the origin of Japan eyewear industry.  The founder, Kaoru Horikawa, has his own private collection of historical eyewear, which served as inspiration for this brand. Another component of the design language is the Japanese Zen philosophy, which stands for minimalism and a focus on the essentials. This is how the unique Minamoto design language, which is also shaped by its origins, is created with great attention to detail.

Model MN31009 for women, has an oval shape, is made of titanium and very light to wear. 

When you buy this frame, you will receive a hard case, a micro-fibre cleaning cloth and a cleaning product.

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